ACES Camera Club Judging Guidelines

Providing Feedback:

The main purpose for ACES Camera Club competition is to help improve our photography. Even though we ask our Judges to score our images, we are most interested in your comments. In competition, we learn to take better pictures by seeing the scores images receive and why. The goal is to learn and grow. It is important to recognize the positive elements in an image and to be honest regarding image weakness. Sensitivity is vital, but one must above all be honest.

Evaluation of an Image on Its Own Merits:

Judge on the merits of an image e.g., a portrait by portrait standards, landscape by landscape standards. We all have favorite subjects, but we must not let this blind us in the evaluation of an image. Please state the strength and weakness of photo being scored to enhance the members photography skills.

Consistency in Judging:

Okay to be a bit high or low if consistent throughout the entire judging.

Critique Only Category:

To encourage new members to compete, we have created a Critique Only category. These images will be shown at the beginning of competition and are to be commented on as you would any other image. No score will be given or recorded.

Scoring System

6 – 6.5 points

An acceptable image but no strong points
*Significant or notable technique flaws
“Record” shot
Unable to generate special interest
Unable to stir emotional energy
Non-difficult lighting situation
Little or no creativity
Doesn’t exhibit freshness

7 – 7.5 points

A good solid image, technically correct
*No significant or notable technique flaws
At least one element indicating polish of craft
Shows knowledge of subject selection, favorable lighting, depth of field and composition
Uses rules, or if broken rule, good reason

8 – 8.5 points

A very strong image
Technically strong. Minimal or no flaws
Composition strong
Any rule infringement is done for impact.
Difficult exposure, depth of field, selective focus, and other techniques found.

9 Points

A truly exceptional image
Shows photographic excellence
Essentially without flaws
“Knock-out” impact
Shows proficiency of selective focus, depth of field, advanced technique
Score given only with special reason, love of image, awestruck emotion

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