Echo Park

Location: Echo Park Avenue and Bellevue Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.
Phone: N/A,_Los_Angeles
Hours: Open to general public but may have some night time limitations.
Fees: None, open to public.

Comments: One of the many public parks in Los Angeles, Echo Park is known for it’s beautiful Lotus Blossoms that grow in the small lake in the park. Since 1972 it has been the location of an annual Lotus Festival held in July when the Lotus Flower blooms. Blooming can last from several weeks to a couple of months depending on conditions. Echo Park Lake was selected as the site for the Lotus Festival because it bears the largest Lotus bed in the United States and is conveniently located close to Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Koreatown, Filipino and other Asian and Pacific Islander Communities.

The lake is easy to access with many blossoms close to the banks for easy photographing. Be sure to bring a moderate telephoto lens as blossoms within arms reach of the bank are often removed by inconsiderate visitors. The paved areas around the banks make a tripod easy to use and very helpful when using the longer lenses. A small ladder to secure a view into the interior of the blossoms will also be found very useful, as might a misting bottle and a length of stick to bend the stem slightly for a better view.

Directions: Take the Golden State/Santa Ana Freeway (5 FWY) North to the Hollywood Freeway (101 FWY) North. Exit on Echo Park Avenue/Glendale Boulevard (offramp past Downtown L.A.). After exiting, you will be at the intersection of Echo Park Avenue and Bellevue Avenue. Parking is usually available on the streets except during special events such as the festival when parking areas are created. Follow signs to Lotus Festival Parking Areas.

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